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Thread: CompTIA A+ Depot Technician Quiz #43

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    Default CompTIA A+ Depot Technician Quiz #43

    You are a computer technician for your company. Management has decided they want to increase security in the company's office by implementing smart cards for log in purposes. Your team has been tasked with implementing this solution. When choosing the smart card readers that your company will use, what types will you be able to choose from? Choose the best option(s) from those listed below.

    a) Key fob
    b) Biometric
    c) Contactless
    d) Contact-based
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    contact - less.....biometrics would be the best option in combination with this...but cost analysis...has to brought into play..everybody a ball bout money....but it really depends...

    the nature of organization and what level of security would be necesary.....key fobs can be can ideal but expensive to implement...

    for my company...contactless cards at key points...variable access permissions can be implemented to ensure not everyone has access to certain critical areas...
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