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Thread: How do i Print and Export Crystal Report???

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    Default How do i Print and Export Crystal Report???

    i added a crystal report to one of my pages and it works fine in the sense that its loaded and displayed on the screen and paging and everything works.

    But whenever i click on the export or print menu on the report it doesn't do either. i am not sure what i am doing wrong is that i am suppose to set something in the code behind? or some event needs to be set i am not sure.

    so can anyone tell me how i can allow my crystal report to be exported or printed?

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    I've never actually done crystal reports in but i have done it many times using and from my knowledge after creating an generating the crystal reports there is no need for additional code to allow it to be exported or printed. There is a print icon that allows u to do that in crystal report viewer? What are the procedures you went through to create the crystal report?
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    Reports must be generated from the Developer version with runtime libs compiled within (or install runtime on client).

    Try that...

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