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Thread: Boosting range of wireless mouse/keyboard

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    Default Boosting range of wireless mouse/keyboard

    I made a purchase yesterday of a cheap wireless mouse, the Benq M333, to my surprise the range from the receiver was just 3 feet. Finding this most unacceptable I did a few checks online to see how I could boost the range, I saw people soldering antennas unto the circuit board of the receiver and even inside the mouse, I didnít want to do any modding this dramatic just yet. After some tinkering I figured that I could simply clip near the receiver the wire FM antenna from my stereo, and I was able to boost the signal by as much as 300%! Now I can use my mouse across the room with no lost in signal or the mouse pointer jumping across the screen.

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    You can even boost your wifi by using another simple mod:

    placing the antenna inside an open metal can. The can must then be pointed at the other antenna. this setup is called a 'cantenna'. Saw it on BBC.
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