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Thread: High-End Gaming PCs Banned In 6 States

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    Default High-End Gaming PCs Banned In 6 States

    As the article says. Guess it's good to go solar.
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    Yet another crazy and illogical move from the "environmentalists". The problem is that most of these decision-making folks' brains have been fried from the use of recreational organics. So, if they really wanted to reduce the "carbon footprint" in their states, one of the immediate targets should be the grow-ops. To get some facts I did a very quick search and found the following. Tell me that Gaming PCs are so widely used that they consume more than these grow-ops? My thinking is that this is the start of targeting coin-mining.

    The electricity consumption of growhouses is staggering when compared to business and residential use. In 2015, the average electricity consumption of a 5,000-square-foot indoor facility in Boulder County was 41,808 kilowatt-hours per month, while an average household in the county used about 630 kilowatthours. A 2012 report on the carbon footprint of indoor production found that cannabis production makes up 1 percent of national electricity use, and in California, the top-producing state, that number rises to 3 percent.
    Oh and BTW - the longer term impact of solar is still yet to be determined. All the batteries and heavy metals in the solar panels aren't fully recyclable nor compostable.
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