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Thread: Useful General Networking & Internet Connectivity Threads

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    Exclamation Useful General Networking & Internet Connectivity Threads

    Check out these useful threads for information u may be searching for.

    How to Get Wireless Router to work with CWJ/LIME/"Any Other" ADSL
    Need help getting my router to work
    ...In short - (Plug the ADSL router into the LAN port of the wireless router. Reboot both devices and let the good times roll )

    GPRS/WAP/Phone as Modem Settings
    MiNet Settings
    Using your celphone as a Modem to connect the internet (better than dial-up)

    Dish/Satellite TV & Internet
    Satellite Service in Jamaica
    DSS Technology-Is it still Worthwhile? - not really in this Section BUT full of info
    Can I get high speed internet using my satellite dish?

    General Networking
    Limit Bandwidth on Network - Here, Here or Here

    WiFi Hotspots in kingston
    Tech Jamaica List
    How to protect your wireless network - which includes MUST READ articles about Six Dumbest Ways to Secure a Wireless LAN & Wireless LAN security myths that won't die

    # of Connection for P2P on Flow
    Utorrent setting for 6mb

    This Sticky will be updated as times goes by.
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