As should be expected, people will forever copy and paste to this site whenever they have found info from another site that they want to share. Now without getting into the legality of this issue I must ask that a few simple rules of thumb be observed:

1) Post a link to the original site
2) Do not copy the entire article.

The first should be pretty clear as to why. Always state your source so that people know where to find follow ups and just so you can't be accused of plagiarism.

The second, I consider, is just good forum netiquete. If something is posted on a site, it's not fair for you to take the information in full and reproduce it somewhere else. In doing this you are cutting down on that site's potential traffic because the person reading the reproduced article may no longer have the desire to visit the original source seeing as how he's already gotten all the information.

This may/will in turn deprive the original site of potential ad revenue from banner clicks that may have generated from the visitors you have deterred.

So be a good poster. Give an intro, give a link.