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Thread: Useful Online Computer Stores/Shops/Portals and Bargain Sites

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    Default Useful Online Computer Stores/Shops/Portals and Bargain Sites

    We take for granted that everybody knows where to go when shopping online. To ensure that everybody knows, let's create this thread.

    Note: The sites are NOT listed in any special order

    Price Comparison Websites
    This category of sites allow you to search SEVERAL online stores for items. It shows you the price and shipping where applicable. It's usual a good place to start when you don't have a favourite website yet.

    Bargain Hunters
    This category are websites which lists many hidden or hide to find deals for many of the big brand websites. These are also the best places to find coupons to save money on your purchase.
    Kingston's Special Shop
    XP Bargains
    The Bargainist
    Deal News
    Fat Wallet

    Online Stores
    Amazon - Accepts all International Cards.
    *TigerDirect - Accepts Intl. Wire Transfer, Ships International. Can go through Amazon to purchase using International CC since TigetDirect is listed on Amazon.
    NewEgg - Only US Issued CC and US Shipping
    Directron - International CC, Wire Transfer, Money Order and Semi-International Shipping
    ZimZoomFly - Only US Issued CC and US Shipping
    *Best Buy - International Purchase, US Shipping (Only US and US Sovereign Countries)
    Computer Geeks
    *Fry's Outpost - International CC, Wire Transfer, Money Order + Intl Shipping
    eWiz - Only US Issued CC and US Shipping. Accepts Western Union though.
    Tank Guys
    nowdirect - Hasn't stated if accepts International CC, Ships US Only
    Royal Discount- Sells Software at low prices. Accept US Credit Card and Wire Transfer.

    Local Online Stores - In most cases, no CC required. COD and Local delivery available from most local online stores.
    Synergy Computer and Electronics
    Customized Systems and Accessories
    Dealport Jamaica
    Cyber Cafe Store
    Best Buy Jamaica

    Note: Stores with an asterisks (*) means that you will be charged State Tax if you ship to a state where a physical store is located. This Tax varies from state to state e.g. Florida is 6%.

    Online Store Review Sites

    I'll add comments to this thread about each store. These comments would be structured in this way"
    NewEgg - Doesn't Ship International or accept International Credit Cards
    Tiger Direct - Accepts International Credit Card, Ships International

    PM me any suggestions
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