Just to explain something.....

This is a technical board for the resolution of technical problems that have some kind of link to computers.

It's also a board for communicating ideas relevant to computing and yes, this does involve and can include talking about types of software and where to get it.

However, its not a board for discussing how to obtain a commercial package for free except the trial, or about keygens or about torrent locations for such proggies, except free open source materials, and so on.

By discussing warez, we not only jepordise the owner of the board with respect to his isp but such isp may at their discretion take the board down without notice.

This would leave all the other users without this resource.

Any such posts aren't worthy of an answer and the discussions of the merit of being able or not being able to do it or wether its illegl or not will not be entertained.

In other words, it will simply be deleted.

Why? Because its irrelevant in what we are trying to achieve here.....
There are many warez forums out there if you feel so inclined.....enjoy them...