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    Unhappy High Tension

    This french movie first released in France then the Uk now makes it debut in the USA .
    I mean this is a very sick movie,the heart problems people stay away.After watching this film I am confused about certain parts .
    It will be my first and last watch.

    Two French college students, Marie and Alex, decide to cram for their upcoming exams at Alex's family farmhouse. The study session is cut short when a serial killer bursts in during the night and abducts Alex, leaving Marie her only chance at survival.

    Three Good Reasons
    • Could be the most frightening film of the summer in any language.
    • It's been praised (and criticized) around the world for its unflinching gore and unrelenting suspense.
    • Finally, a use for those two years of high school French.
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    i cant wait to see this movie ... hmm.. wow... it look mad fi real
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    Yow the vey first time i say this preview I yelled, "ME HAFFE PAY FE SEE THIS!" Yeah I know...I can pick them. No being cheap and waiting on DVD release round here. I really want to see the GORE, the SUSPENSE and all that good stuff. Techies, don't fear, I'll tell you all about it.

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