So this is primarily to push BigBlueButton.

It's free software for a learning/presentation platform. There are other vendors that sell the service.

If you use the link above though, you'll have to pay with PayPal. Banks in Jamaica seem to have blocked them for some reason. If you're elsewhere then it's fine.

I'd suggest getting a VPS and setting it up yourself. Use the link below to go directly to the VPS provider that I recommend.

If you want to use somewhere else - that's fine - but the price/power you get from the one I suggest should do the job. I've seen documentation of usage with Amazon and other providers - haven't set up there so don't know how.

Main thing is to ensure you have IPv6 available or else you'll run into issues.

Other things I've used include Jitsi Meet - but I found it much harder to set up the recordings on that.

Another option I was looking into was RocketChat.

That was another nice option - but I was looking more into the meeting and recording versus the chat part. And I think more was needed for deployment.

There are lots of options out there - Zoom and GoToMeeting and such - but having your service self-hosted makes it better IMO. You have better control over the files/recordings and such. Check them out and see.