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Thread: Quantum Mechanics - Spooky action at a distance - Is Einstein really wrong

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    Default Quantum Mechanics - Spooky action at a distance - Is Einstein really wrong

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    Quantum Mechanics - Spooky action at a distance - Is Einstein really wrong?

    Quantum Mechanics (QM) is based on some assumptions that are being ignored

    Assumption 1: Measuring the spin of an electron does not affect the spin of an electron.
    Experimentally : What ever axis is used to measure an electron spin, the electron spin is found to lie in that axis of measurement either up or down. How did we end up assuming the axis does not influence. Maybe a better assumption is that for entangled pairs, if spin is measured in axis A of particle a is found to be up, then so long as nothing interferes with particle b, if it is measured in axis A then it has spin down

    Assumption 2: Passing light through a polarizer does not affect the polarization of the light.
    Similar for photons. See Week 5 and 9

    Assumption 3: In photon experiments, the load has no influence on the source photon(s)/entangled photons
    Experimentally with radiation patterns of EM waves, load affects the emission. Why should photons which produce EM waves be any different with its load. What if this assumption above is completely wrong

    PS. My assumption: I look at an electron or a photon as not having zero size but has an effect that is at a point size. e.g. a tornado is not point size but it has an effect at a point, as in when a photon is detected as a point on a screen. For all we now, it could be a complicated bending and twisting of space time without any effective gravitational compression (not compressed or expanded, but twisted). It would still be affected by gravity, space time compression, but not other entities that only "twist" space time. "Twist" is an analogy for a geometry that is unimaginable but has a non gravitation effect. So the photon can pass on "both" paths at the same time by a means similar to straight E M radiation pattern. Nothing spooky.

    Anyways, continue on assumption 3 with
    a) Quantum Bomb Experiment
    it is assumed that putting a bomb in the lower path does not change the "load" on that path, and does not change the probability of the photon traveling on that path

    PS Einstein was the person who invented the first entanglement thought experiment in an attempt to disprove spooky action at a distance

    PS Einstein hinted to Plank that Plank's mathematical hack of cooking an equation to match black body radiation with h was explained with quantization of photon energy. Einstein started quantum

    PS Wavefunction collapse to me is an incomplete explanation that we do not know the complete wavefunction equation. When you measure a particle, all that happens is one particle interacts with one or more other particles. If there were two particles in a system and each had their own intrinsic twisting and bending of space time in a region and these particles overlap (*more at end) , it is easy to see simple Tesla superposition of the waves, and when measure to cause a noticeable effect, like an electron jumping a level in an atom. There is no collapse just simple the superposition of the original waveforms with the with the wave from of the electron in the atom. The individual wave equations of two separate electrons combine when the electrons get close enough to significantly affect each other. Again nothing spooky and indeterministic. Not necessary to conclude that all states existed before the measurement. That is another unnecessary assumption.

    b) Double Split Experiment
    Excellent explanation

    PS Load balancing is fundamental of waves, not just E M waves. The Boss Tesla said to considered everything as vibrations. What are the fundamentals of a vibration: a certain Time to go back and forth and at a certain Space of the "back and forth"-ism. Different times gives different frequencies, and is related to the driving force and load
    Whatever be the wave nature of the other particles eg neutron etc. (maybe intrinsic space time twisting itself) there is a Space Time component of the wavelength of particles

    c) Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment

    (append experiment and explanation of load affecting source later)

    PS Schrodinger, who invented the Schrodinger equation in QM, initially thought it was silly to assume that on the micro scale a particle could have no defined state, and did a taught experiment using another assumption that what is true for the micro state is also true of the macro state, a fair assumption, which he then said that the cat would be alive and dead at the same time. However modern QM assumes the macro state is different than the micro state. (Another one) in a) a defined state b) determinism. It was about here Einstein could not deal with the physics of QM and loss clout. I too, see it as spooky, but even so, it is based on many assumptions

    PS. In merging General Relativity with QM, I am not saying that a graviton does not exist, or that more particles may be discovered to add to the standard model. I am saying there was reason to theorize the quantization of particles because of how the photon behaved, but no direct need to search for quantization of gravity.

    *As an example, I am not saying that particles are this, I am saying that we do not know what particles are and if it is something like this, then:

    Imagine a ribbon, just as an example. Twist the ribbon n amount of times and join both ends forming a circle with n twists. Then instead of making a circle, you made a tetrahedral 3d Celtic Knot like this . And the ribbon has n twist that make it symmetric from the tetrahedral axes. This is just an example of an geometry. Imagine that instead of the ribbon there was space time that was twisted
    We know gravitational waves exist and a standing wave should also be possible so long as the wave itself contains itself. Modes can be the amount of stable twists in the ribbon.

    A standing wave is still moving so as to just oscillate (one simple form is simple rotation) in one fixed position. A standing wave is so set sinusoid motion that as one part (infinitesimal) of the wave "dies" that parts total energy is used to "create" another part in the wave, making it self sustaining

    Different standing waves can also have different frequencies.

    Standing waves are still waves that can feel load with the medium it interacts with.

    I am not implying that there are new forces or new quantum fields, just that there are varying loads that a standing wave can encounter as it travels

    ** Modified Pilot wave theory. I mentioned that sometime ago. (here).

    Imagine an electron in a hydrogen atom in free space. A high positive voltage is present some distance away. The electric field is setup but it is too weak to pull the electron from the hydrogen. Now place a wire between the potential and very close to the hydrogen atom. Now, the electron may be ripped from the atom and travel the path of the wire. In Layman's it can be viewed that a strong electric field gradient traveled the length of the wire by inducing charge on each atom of the wire at a certain speed, from the potential. The wire itself is charge less but its presence affected the path of the electron. Similarly the presence of a slit or no slit may affect the path of a particle. Changing the destination objects in these experiment, can have a wave that moves from destination to source at a certain speed c for the new load that is present in the experiment path
    Selfishness is the gateway to Self Destruction
    Lack of "Wokeness" is to be reincarnated as a tapeworm, whereas more awareness give rise to higher level feelings and relations with others

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