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Thread: NCB Online Banking Problems

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    Default NCB Online Banking Problems

    Does anyone in the group use NCB's Online Banking application from a desktop computer? If yes, have you found yourself constantly being logged out of the application? It happens unpredictably when you click on an option, any option, there is no pattern to it. For the past few weeks, this has been my experience, and I am doing nothing different from what I have done over the past several years using the application. I reported the problem to their help desk but nothing has changed, I also reported it by email from inside the application, but now get thrown out when I click on the mail icon. I will now try a whatsapp number they have published. I use the Google Chrome browser, tried Microsoft Edge, same result. I haven't changed any browser settings. Can anyone explain what might be happening here? Is it my problem or NCB's?

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    For the app. Clear the cache. Uninstall and reinstall if needs be.

    For the desktop. The only way to be sure that it's not you is to verify that you're not experiencing problems on/in any other program. An easy way to isolate this is from a PE (Windows or Linux). Erratic mouse moves. Touchscreen maybe? Interference between wireless devices - keyboard/mouse? Does it happen on another device?
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