How would you reduce CO2 in the atmosphere?

Why would you want to.
To reduce global warning

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My layman explanation is:

Sunlight heats the earth. The earth gives off heat to deep space and cools. The hotter the earth, the more heat it radiates. There is an equilibrium temp for different parts of the earth when the overall input heat energy equals the overall output heat energy from the earth. Let's consider the temp of the surface in midday sun. When the atmosphere has more CO2, there is a change in its entropy state. There are more energy levels in the atmosphere than before. Thus more ways in which energy can be distributed. Causing more energy to linger in the atmosphere before it leaves. Thus a higher equilibrium temperature for the atmosphere and other parts of the earth in immediate contact with the atmosphere, and so on.
(There is a heat energy cycle with equilibrium temperature points of different parts of earth. CO2 acts like a buffer in the heat cycle.)

Layman analogy:
Imagine the sun heat was --> rain
The earth (atmosphere and land) facing the sun was --> a naked person standing in rain
The earth (atmosphere and land) not facing the sun was --> a naked person standing after rain
CO2 in the atmosphere was --> thick spongy clothing
A naked person gets wet in the rain. The rain passes. And he begins getting dry. This is a relative short time compared to the next case, and also, more drying is achieved before the next rain cycle. The drying comfort level is the equilibrium point. He would have a greater comfort level.
Now if that person had on thick spongy clothing, then he gets wet in the rain. Then the rain passes. He gets dry in a relative long time. Less drying is achieved before the next rain cycle. There is a much smaller comfort level, and a new equilibrium point. Imagine the rain cycle every day. The person being dry and comfortable is equivalent to the earth being cool.

(Expanding the analogy some more. If the person had on a perfect rain coat then he would never get wet. If he had on a hole-y and imperfect raincoat, then he will get partial wet. If he had on a thick spongy clothing and on top of that an imperfect raincoat and rain falls, then he would get somewhat wet. When the rain passes, and he still have on the imperfect rain coat and thick spongey clothes, he may still not dry as fast even though he got less wet, because the imperfect rain coat would prevent him from drying. So putting on a raincoat may not work to improve the comfort level, unless you can take off the raincoat as soon as the rain stops
Imagine a massive solar flaring magnetic storm was --> hail
A person wearing a good raincoat in a hail storm may have less effect of the hail being felt. If there is a massive magnetic storm from the sun, then maybe a coat of reflective particles in the top of the atmosphere that can interact with the magnetic field can help shield from electronic failure on the earth. I dunno still.)

Note that the thick spongy clothing could have varying degrees of thickness. The thinner, then the more easily dried, and the more the comfort level. Also above a certain thickness, further thickness may not have much effect, but that point is unknown.

Layman solution:

Assume CO2 on earth or carbon is finite/limited relative to other elements like Oxygen

Grow more fruit trees
Life is a cycle of carbon. the fruit of fruit tree is a buffer for the carbon in that cycle of the fruit tree's life. Eventually the fruit falls and bacteria growth increases, and the fructose in the fruit is released back as carbon dioxide, however there will be a buffer of that limited carbon on earth and that would be a deduction of the co2 in the atmosphere
Grow more trees
If it is possible to Weather-Form (a term I use to manipulate the weather) the climate of a region and we some what master how to do this. We could change the weather for large areas like the Sahara region, and increase the tree cover. That tree cover will need to be created from the carbon in the atmosphere and an equal deduction of carbon for the amount of three that would grow in the Sahara region. Carbon would exist in this life cycle. This idea I like the most, because it is the most crazy. Muhuhahahaaa. (PS if we loose the Amazon Rain Forrest, a "Tipping Point", weather forming will be more difficult) (We could also mine some of the Phosphorous from Lake Chad in the Sahara now, and then use it to fertilize the forest artificially by drone)
Convert Fructose from trees to oil and bury it
This would slowly get rid of carbon from the atmosphere.
As we interrupt the carbon life cycle of fruit to decompose gunk by bacteria, we extract the carbon as fructose, and convert it to polymeric oil, and put it in earth. Future fruits created by the trees would use fresh carbon from the atmosphere and so on.
Something in my sub conscious says that this idea "Aint happening"

Earth historically had a way of sealing away carbon from the lifecycle into oil pools under the earth. Hmmmm, Maybe some of that sealed carbon was still recycled. Maybe some of that carbon had taken part in a geological cycle where tectonic activity. I dunno.

Humankind since the last cataclysm built fuel engines and marvel in their brilliance and only recently tried to evolve above that type of engine. And we created a new carbon cycle that causes global warming. We need to stop CO2 emissions from vehicles. We should stop building these types of vehicles, and instead build Electric Vehicles

Unforeseen effects/disasters of climate change. Polar caps melt --> weight on Antarctica change --> Antarctic plate rises --> unforeseen plate tectonics. When the weight on top of a land changes dramatically, it could affect the underlying plate tectonics. More water on the Mariana Trench, etc. Ecological changes

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