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    This is an exercise that I suggest everybody do for their mind

    Yes I know a million designs are out there and most are discarded because they were tried and were inefficient.

    I think it is a good excursive for the mind to design a shape that is new to you irrespective of the efficiency factor.

    This is my design:

    I wish to build it with some form of spiral origami, where I can experience more challenges in just the engineering tweaks in this design process

    This design may be workable on a mountain top with chaotic wind directions
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    Interestingly - I was told by persons who do this kind of thing that it's not workable with the current technologies. Or - current at the time.

    A solar setup with wind - considering some of those hybrid panels that JPS had - seemed like a good investment. Was told by installers and maintenance persons that they suck. Persons with wind turbines as well seem to not get as much juice out of them as adding more panels. I guess it also depends on WHERE you are. The wind farms in certain areas seem to do well enough - but would more panels with the current higher wattage output be better than wind?
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    The issue with that design is how manage the air flow efficiently.
    Getting the air in correctly is one thing and probably the easy part but we would have to worry about drag and vorticies and other fluid proprieties as the impella turns.
    How would we maintain the correct pressure inside so air effectively comes in?
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