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Thread: Solar/Hybrid Air Conditioners in Jamaica

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    A few weeks ago I posted on/to a thread that was started a few years ago (in 2008 to be exact) regarding solar air conditioners.

    We're in 2021 heading into 2022 now and not many people are aware that these units exists and are readily available. The solar air conditioning units in Jamaica right now with superb quality and more than 3 years warranty are Hotspot Energy and the more advanced units known as Zamna Climate available in 12000, 18000 and 24000 btu. >>> Zamna Solutions Website

    Prices ranges from USD $2000-$2750 for the air con units only.

    The 12000 btu needs 930W from the solar modules (3-4 solar panels) and requires a voltage in the range of 100-380V dc, the 18000 requires 1390W to operate effectively (so, 4-6 solar panels) and just go with approximately 8 panels for the 24000btu.

    Of course these, hybrids are exactly like your typical mini-split air conditioners in terms of design and the only difference is that they have the mc4 connection points ready to accept direct connection from the solar panels (no specific solar panels are needed).

    With a setup, once there's solar power then the air conditioner pulls power from the solar module first, if there is not enough power from the solar module then it makes up what needs by taking that from the grid (JPS) - eg. if it receives 80% power from the solar module, it takes only the remaining 20% needed from the grid.

    You can connect to solar only and use for daytime operation and as soon as there's no sunlight, the unit will go into sleep mode. The following day while the sun comes out the air conditioner will turn itself on.

    See an example of unit in operation

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