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Thread: Smart/RG vdsl modem not connecting to internet

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    Default Smart/RG vdsl modem not connecting to internet

    i hope you guys can help. i recently tried to add a asus router/network extender to my home network and its not connecting to the internet. i have a smart/RG vdsl modem. What could be causing it not to connect.

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    We need to troubleshoot a few things.

    1. Disconnect the Asus.
    2. Check and verify that you have internet.
    3. DO NOT connect the Asus to the modem.
    4. Connect to the Asus from your laptop/desktop.
    5. Set the IP range on the Asus to something like or
    6. Reconnect to the modem.

    Once that is done let us know what happens.
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