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Thread: Windows 12? Nope. Try Windows 365.

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    Default Windows 12? Nope. Try Windows 365.

    If you didn't love cloud before...sorry fi yuh.


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    Interesting move. Funny thing - been doing this for years now. I have a VPS in Europe that I remote to. The concept is the same. You'll basically have a VPS that you connect to. I expect that it'll be a token-based connection which will add to the security - this may then be an upgraded RDP. Will see.

    That is something I may actually do. MS may get funds off me for that. Depends on the cost and limitations.

    Did this guy just say "ecosystem"? Really? So it's a straight Apple move then. Tie into their ecosystem. LoL.

    And they're using Zero Trust - which is good. So it's actually worth investing in. Let's see how things move forward.
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