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There may be another way or an alternative solution. If you have...

1. A Hauwei HG8245H (The Hauwei HG8247H can hopefully be configured similarly)
2. Subscription to an internet service provider (ISP) fibre broadband
3. Additional subscription to the ISP for a public static internet protocol (IP) address

...then the following configuration will result in all incoming connections from the Internet to the public static IP address to be forwarded to an internal static IP address of a device (e.g. router) attached to a LAN port of the HG8245H:

Go to LAN > DHCP Server Configuration
Note LAN IP address (e.g. and subnet mask (e.g.

Go to Status > DHCP Information
Identify router and note its MAC address (e.g. 00:f0:62:12:00:0d).

Go to LAN > DHCP Static IP Configuration
Assign static IP address within LAN network (e.g. to MAC address of router (e.g. 00:f0:62:12:00:0d).

Go to Forward Rules > DMZ Configuration
Click "new" then enable DMZ for WAN (e.g. 1_INTERNET_R_VID_65) with Host address (static IP address e.g.

Hope that this is helpful.
Thanks, this is useful information, does anyone know the cost of a static IP from Digicel? I'm assuming it will be expensive.

I'm thinking of just using my linksys router as a switch and configure it as a bridge and let the Digicel router do all the NAT stuff.

I'm not sure if I want to buy a Hauwei router just to test that out.