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If the vaccine is available to you and you fall into the vulnerable population, then take advantage of the opportunity.

Unfortunately, social media, conspiracy theories, anti-vaxxers and sometimes simple misinterpretation have made it difficult for people to make informed decisions about being personally and socially responsible.
I find that the major problem is that people dont know enough about anything that will happen to them. And at the same time people who are layman tend find comfort in "ignorance" will encourage people to do things they are hesitant to too while at the same time calling other people antivaxxers. This is not a good thing. People are using statistics to justify ignorance. Its a choice and the choice must be left up to the individual and others should not peer-pressured people into things because of their loss of control of their lives. Yes people are feeling helpless be news flash nothing is going to save you from the bus that is coming down the road.