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Thread: Starlink Speed Tests Looking Promising

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    Default Starlink Speed Tests Looking Promising

    At least 762 working Starlink satellites are in orbit right now. That represents more than one-quarter of all active spacecraft around the planet and nearly half of those in low-Earth orbit. While not enough to provide coverage around the world, Musk says it's plenty to kick off a full public beta test in North America in the next few months.

    speed test results
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    That does look promising. How much is the monthly cost? What's the setup cost? Are the T&C any different from regular ISP ones? How is the privacy terms?
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    One thing I have learned from the few ISP launches I have been a part of is a Speedtest means nothing without active users and right now they don't have enough to see if those results can be maintained.

    Don't get me wrong, the project is phenomenal and I am glad that someone took the risk and expense to launch such an ambitious platform but I am reserving all judgement till full sign up and true figures come in.

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