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Thread: Is OOP dying?

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    Default Is OOP dying?

    I'm mostly a ruby person but in my day job, I wear the php hat. Has anyone realise that OOP is not being used as such, it's mainly functional programming?

    Most libs these days seem to be functional except good ole zend 1. I havent touch zend 3. MVC structure make heavy use of inheritance but I hardly see any OOP. Haven't seen much use of any initialisation either. Am I the only one?

    Not sure if this is the best place for the subject.
    Just an average web developer.

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    It depends on who you talk to but OOP is still alive in the PHP framework crowd especially with composer and PHP8 is heavy on the OOP. Pure OOP creates too much surface area for bugs, more code, more variables, more everything. Its main benefit is that its easy to teach and its easy to read. It only seems like its dying because once you get past the easy stuff and start writing complicated code (libraries, games etc) you find that breaking code up into hundreds of little parts is not efficient or productive.

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