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Thread: Engineer needed for project

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    Default Engineer needed for project

    1. Systems Engineer
    Looking for an Engineer to build out a Linux Web server within Google Cloud to also support tftp/ftp and also to build out the firewall within Google Cloud. Web server should support tomcat. This is a short project and base on your work will have more project.

    2. Developer
    Build analytic platform using vue.js to make API calls to display Forex/US stock futures to run both on web and mobile. Should have financial/US stock market experience with using API from Bloomberg and other financial API.

    **If you are not the developer doing the work don't apply.**

    **Only send DM more info.

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    Good day and welcome to TechJamaica.

    While there are probably persons here capable of taking up your request, you've come on and not done any introduction - set rules for communication through DM only - and put out an advert for work you'd like done. While that may work on sites like Fiverr, we're a technology community. Being Jamaicans (most of us I think) we're also skeptical about things like this with a request from someone with no prior activity.

    Your username and the request being made suggests that the site is going to be either Forex/Trading related or general finance with whatever specific emphasis you'd like.

    A little more detail would have been welcome, or an introduction of yourself in the relevant section of the site.

    If you have threads outside on places such as BabyPips or ForexFactory you can link them here so we can at least have an idea of the person we're dealing with.

    Anyways. Again. Welcome to the site. Hopefully one of the programmers here will approach you and you can then discuss costing for getting it done. Please feel free to continue using the site for your technological queries should they arise.
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