Hi everyone. Have this for sale (500GB M.2/M13). Mostly new. Purchased for a client for a MacBook Pro - the device appears to be defective as the original drive and this new drive fail to read. Most likely a board issue and the client will be purchasing a new MacBook.

Cost of the item (as listed) is USD$142.99 - additional recovery was purchased for USD$14.99. This does not include shipping to Jamaica. The client is interested in recovering at least the item cost - so that's being sold now for JMD$21,019.53 (at JMD$147 to USD$1). Let's round that down to JMD$21,000.

Item is located in Mandeville. Courier can be used to get the item to wherever you are. Courier fees will be deducted from the total sale cost.

This item is actually an M.2 drive with an adapter for the Mac M13. So if you want an M.2 drive you may be able to remove the adapter and use it.

Interested persons can call / WhatsApp on 876-790-1085.