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Thread: Seeking soldering professional

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    Default Seeking soldering professional

    Need assistance in finding out if it is possible to resolder and finding someone who can. See the attached image:

    much respect!

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    Although it may not be a mobile phone, have you tried a good mobile repair shop? They may have the equipment to perform circuitboard level soldering.
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    The solder points are on the left/right of the resistor. Looking at R676 it seems either damaged or that's a lot of sticky residue from some padding that was over/under the device. How did it get like that in any case?

    If you plan to DIY - you will need these.

    Solder the wire to the points on the board and then to the resistor. They all seem to be the same type (2001) so provided it's still good you can reuse. If not - get some online.

    The vast majority of them appear to be 2001. So that may be your best route. Failing that - they can use a regular resistor and run the wire to it somewhere more secure on the board - or hot glue it to an empty space nearby.

    I won't do it since I don't have all the tools, and I'm fairly certain you're in Kingston in any case. I've done small work before, but an IR station would be nice. Example of some smaller soldering below.

    Once you get the correct rating resistor it doesn't matter much. And resistors have no polarity so it doesn't matter which way they're connected. I'm still concerned about how it got damaged though....

    And as Chris said - check a phone shop. One that does board repairs. I know of one such place in Mandeville.
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    If you're also interested in learning to solder, this guy that I am subscribed to in YouTube, is offering a free class on how to solder. He does repairs to broken game consoles by taking them apart and fixing them back up.

    His YouTube channel:

    He is pretty good.
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