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Thread: Flow Has Upgraded Internet Speeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by leoandru View Post
    Ran two test I got the upload speed bump. I still have the black arris modem.
    Ahh! Excellent stuff! If they can still manage this on 4 uplink channels, they're likely still able to do lots of load balancing on the "return" (upload). Do have it changed as soon as you can though, the TG1672 can only hit up to 343 Mbit/s; burst speeds on the network are practically double that now. You'll want the newer kit when they do bump the speeds up.

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    For persons that didn't want to upgrade because of the different interface and lack of features - the new white modems are using a firmware that gives the same old interface of the black ones. All features are back if I'm not mistaken. So there's no reason to not upgrade.
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