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Thread: Huawei Access To 5G Network To Benefit Jamaica

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    Default Huawei Access To 5G Network To Benefit Jamaica

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to grant telecommunications giant Huawei access to the UK’s future 5G telecoms network, a move that is expected to benefit Jamaica.

    The UK is moving towards a decision that will see Huawei allowed access to the non-contentious parts of the network, which could open a rift with the United States as that country has banned the company over fears that it is too close to Chinese intelligence agencies. The decision on Huawei is expected before Christmas.

    “In Jamaica and certainly across the entire region Huawei has made significant contributions to ICT development whether through our groundbreaking internship experiences or leading the development of new technologies. Huawei 5G is coming and the impending victory is one indication of how truly incredible our technology is. Jamaica and the wider Caribbean are prime for even greater ICT advances,” said Allen Chenyue, country manager, Huawei Jamaica.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GPRS Internet View Post
    Well the Trump Administration in the US is planning to ban Huawei from access to American service fund for small operators in the US. This would stop small networks from using funds, which are from the Federal government to buy Huawei and ZTE mobile equipments and networking technology. Huawei is facing a global fight, as US influence is pushing American allies towards banning Huawei as well.

    Huawei is as good, or some may say even better than Ericsson. Huawei is the current leader in 5G development and technology. I'm hoping they can convince the Americans with credible evidence, that they are not spying on behalf of the Chinese government. On the people of the United States. As for Jamaica, we have much to benefit from. I recently learned that Digicel has a major partnership with Huawei. Some time back, Digicel and Huawei tested 4K and fast Gbit speeds. Huawei has also replaced ZTE. As the supplier of RAN equipment to Digicel.

    Jamaica will benefit from Huawei, no doubt. But US influence is a major inhibitor. Especially for a small state like Jamaica. It was American influence, why Digicel had to scale back business with ZTE.

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