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    Default Seeking Sr Software Engineer, Consultant

    I am looking to hire/contract a Seeking Sr Software Engineer, Consultant.
    How to Apply: Apply Here
    Intended Start: ASAP
    Salary: $2,700,000 -> $3,500,000 per annum DOE
    Interview process: Initial interview will be done over Skype and then in person. A developer challenge will be give for the applicate to complete.

    As a Sr Software Engineer, Consultant you'll be working with freedom and independence in a remote capacity supporting global clients in a sub-contractor setting. You will work in two-week sprints in a less structured environment for both large and small projects alike. You will work with various languages depending on the specific client need including PHP, JavaScript and Python. You’ll integrate your code with intuitive and dynamic UIs, and ensure that your code is scalable and secure. Your work will be used by tens of thousands of end users (and growing every day!).

    About you
    You have a passion for programming — so much so that you program in your spare time! You’re energetic and eager to bring your best ideas to the table. You have proven experience working with remote clients and are very self-motivated and reliable. You understand that innovation is seldom a linear path, and sometimes you need to take a step to the side, or back, to allow for a new path to become clear. You take pride in your own work and accomplishments and can work with little direction to find solutions – not just a coder. You are honest, upfront and extremely dependable.

    About the tech
    Here are some of the tools and technologies you likely with work with:
    • We love open source
    • PHP 5.6/7.x, Python
    • PostgreSQL / MongoDB / MySQL
    • Docker
    • BitBucket
    • Javascript / JQuery
    • Linux
    • VMs
    Don’t worry — We don’t expect you to be familiar with them all. We value the power of learning on the job!

    • Work with Principle Solutions Engineer (remote and occasionally in Jamaica) to define high-level solutions to tech problems.
    • Perform coding work as per project requirements or based on the needs of the technical, support, or clients requirements.
    • Follow code management procedures for proper revision control.
    • Prepare documentation, workflows, charts and diagrams for use by users or staff.
    • Investigate whether the software is able to cope with the projected load on the system.
    • Respond quickly to bugs which made it into production.
    • Participate in the Scrum development process.
    • Write unit tests for all your work.
    • Perform code reviews.

    • Post Secondary Degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
    • Minimum 5 years working experience in software engineering.
    • Experience working in a Linux environment.
    • Ability to develop software in Javascript, PHP, Python or other selected languages.
    • Knowledge of Relational Databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    • Knowledge of Non-Relational Databases like MongoDB.
    • Mastery in software engineering tools.
    • Able to work independently and remote – strong self-management skills.
    • Flexibility for the position to be part-time/evenings and weekends or full time depending on start date and skill set.

    Thank you for your interest in this position. While we’re not able to reach out to everyone who applies, we will contact you if your skills and experience are a match for the role. Otherwise, we’ll keep your resume in case there is a match with future opportunities.
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