The other mods may give me some flack for this. But I need to post it and address.

I will state that the time it took for a response was long, but I honestly did not see the thread at all. So let me try and provide some assistance since the thread is locked.

  • ODIN is great but you need all files.
  • Your progress without phone repair knowledge is great.
  • Pink/Red on the stickers suggest moisture/water damage.

While the IMEI issue was fixed, you can't get signal if it doesn't have firmware for the radio loaded. The baseband issue may possibly be fixed based on certain firmwares loaded. This appears to be an AT&T device - have you tried going to sammobile to download the specific firmware for that device? XDA may also have custom ROMs that could be tried to fix the issue.

The major issue I have with the situation is the moisture damage. You could try taking out the board, placing it in some rice overnight and then maybe running some low heat from a heat gun on it. Depending on the level of moisture damage it may or may not work.

So your options at this point from what you've done are:

  • Remove board and leave in rice overnight.
  • Use heat gun (on low) to try remove some moisture.
  • Try a custom ROM that may have certain radio/baseband versions.

If that fails then you'd need to replace the device. Please post back here or reopen your thread. Would ask a higher mod to merge the threads after. Would like to know the state of things, but TBH I'm not a big fan of Samsung device. I've personally had problems with them, but to each his own. It's like nVidia/ATI - it comes down to experience and personal preference.