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Thread: LAte 2013 Imac stuck in Reboot loop

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    Default LAte 2013 Imac stuck in Reboot loop

    My late 2013 27” 4K imac is stuck in a reboot loop. It seems if I remove the power cord and memory for a few minutes I can boot into safe mode but after that it won’t boot it just shows the Apple logo and a loading status bar and reboots. It doesn’t go into recovery mode at all either command r or alt command r doesnt work I just get a blank screen. It will boot into single user mode though but that’s not of much help. Also I’ve tried resetting NVRAM and that doesn’t work also it just keeps chiming I have to remove memory and power cable to get it to even try booting.
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    Try those and see. That sounds like it could be the actual RAM if you need to re-seat it to boot. Clean it and clean the slots with compressed air (careful not to let the propellant get in there) and then try it again. If you get into safe mode or single user mode then backup your data and do a factory restore from the recovery partition/Internet/DVD/USB if you have that.
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