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Thread: Finish High School And Want to Study Networking @ an Institution 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by khat17 View Post
    I accidentally deleted my own message.....

    Anyways. Was originally saying no contact, but we linked up today. Copied some material to him, but more to come Sunday. Didn't get to go through anything since I was working, so we will see how it goes during the networking.
    Sounds good. @Joel_ you're in very good hands with Khat17

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    So we linked up and did some networking at a school. Had part of the infrastructure done (cabling into trunking) from before, so this trip was to put in surface mount boxes and keystones. So he learned how to put in the usual standard B wiring into the keystones and then into the boxes. Did a little review of the different types of networks and how they work, then copied some Network+ notes/material to him for review. Hopefully it helps and he can run through the stuff. If he finishes it and has questions, aside from the plethora of YouTube videos, we are here and can help.

    It's nice to see younger persons getting into IT. My only issue now is I'm not entirely sure which aspect of networking he's really into. LAN, WAN, MAN, general IP, telephony, if his interests are specific to copper and wireless technologies or includes fiber and such. He did ask some questions about HFC, FTTN and such - and we did some basics on how cellular technologies work and his WiMax modem. I think BrandySull may be a better fit for him though with the cellular technology. I have the material and will provide it if I see that interest though - so we will see.
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    Excelsior Community College seems good.

    If your into switches, routers and IP addresses, then Heart CIT has a good Cisco Certified Network Associate program which can prepare you for the international CCNA Certification exam (Exam cost not included)

    Just take a look at the curriculum involved in any program before you make a choice, and look at different programs in the IT field.

    Had I known about Computer Science from earlier, and what it was, even though it took some time to initially grasp, then I would have picked it earlier.
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    If your interested in the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), you can get tips and some course material for download on this blog -

    Good luck getting certified.

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