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Thread: IPTV Solutions

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    Maybe you can appreciate this, with VLC or GSEIP app Gratis IPTV

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    What's the best IPTV with local channels now?
    I am using a laptop.

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    On this. I've not read the thread from the start but...Much like everything else - "best" is relative. It's a matter of what works for you.

    Not many that I've seen have local stations. And there's a bit of info that persons need to have where these things are concerned.

    Using a FireStick is not recommended for live streaming. The ChromeCast is better.

    Regardless of which service you have, SMARTERS is not the best thing for your device. If you're using a fairly decent mobile phone, a desktop or a laptop then SMARTERS will work. If you're using a streaming device like the FireStick or ChromeCast - TiViMate is far better. Either use the free one or pay for it - better to pay since you get certain features unlocked. Having used both on various platforms, it helps to reduce the buffering and issues you may have with SMARTERS.

    Some IPTV services will allow you to either get a free trial or pay a small amount for 24/48/72 hours of testing.

    For the persons that recall the old school method of using IPTV streaming services, it's a matter of finding and updating the streams when one goes down - paid IPTV services take the hassle out of it and all you do is run stuff from your account.

    While KODI still works, something that I found that works nicely is ProgTV.

    It's a paid app though, so you need to watch for that. Test it first before purchase if you're going to be using PC only. If your system can run the downloaded version of SMARTERS fine, then use that.

    They have a free version. Not sure what the difference would be. Interestingly, it seems to be based on VLC from what I've seen, but it handles the channels better IMO. Recording seems to be one of the functions you don't get in free - but there are ways around that.

    That's my 10 cents. If you want to discuss an IPTV service subscription then DM me. I won't be posting anything like that publicly. If you want to do the research, there's lots of sites there you can use to check out the various services. Do the work and test, then make a decision.
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