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Thread: Windows 10 issues

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    Default Windows 10 issues

    So for about 3 to 4 weeks now i'm having some issues with windows 10, Issues like LAN proxy "network says i have internet access but i can't access the internet it doesn't show a x or an exclamation sign" and huge frame rate drops in all games and stuttering! What i'm wondering is if i update my bios will it play nice with windows 10? Because i haven't updated my bios since i bought my system.
    Car Audio and PC Enthusiast. System Specs:CPU:Intel-Core i7 4790k 4Ghz quad-core processor, COOLER: Corsair H80i V2, MOBO:MSI Z97A Gaming 7, RAM:Kingston Savage 16gb (2x8) 1866mhz, SSD:Samsung 850 evo-series 250gb, HDD:WD black 7200rpm 1tb, GPU:MSI geforce GTX 980ti gaming 6G, CASE:Corsair carbide 230t black, PSU:EVGA 850W G2 80+GOLD.

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    I wouldnt even know what to tell you other that the usual "what has changed in your setup recently?". Of course it could very well be just windows 10 crapping out on you.

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