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    I have a blog devoted to anything and everything that's related to blogging, business blogging and another blog about music and movies. Can anyone help me about this? I've tried but nothing. Don't make it too long a URL, preferably .com and cool. I'm beseeching everything out there for suggestion. Not just one, everything you can suggest will be accept, Christians and non-christian names, movies, music, anything, everything.

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    You could give your views on what is Christianity for the sake of discussion on your blog and see. Get some good discussions going.

    You could give tips and pointers on how to actually manage and update the blog based on the different platforms for newbies and experienced persons.

    You could give your own reviews on the different things you've seen. Ask the readers for their opinions and feedback to get more traffic.

    Overall - let them know their opinions matter to keep traffic flowing.
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    I would love to assist you.

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