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Thread: Chrome OS devices have outsold Macs in the US for the first time ever

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    Default Chrome OS devices have outsold Macs in the US for the first time ever

    For the first time since Chrome OS was launched, devices running Google's operating system have outsold Apple's Macs in the US in the first quarter of this year. The data comes from IDC, though an exact number for Chrome OS device sales hasn't been given.

    That said, Mac OS computer sales are estimated to be around 1.76 million for Q1 2016, so Chrome OS device makers have probably sold almost 2 million units during the same time frame. IDC notes however that most of those Chrome OS sales have gone to schools, where they are apparently very popular.

    People actually buy chromebooks LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by pezz View Post

    People actually buy chromebooks LOL
    Most users in America use a computer for checking emails and for presentation and typing a document.
    Chromebooks fit that needs exact, plus they cost far less.

    You can also look from the standpoint that many persons already own a Laptop already or Apple has nothing innovative going on, which cause a dip in Apple computer sales.
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