So i've recently re-downloaded this mobile game Clash of Clans.

I've recently joined a clan with a few friends and now that clan wars was introduced they aim to excel in this event.

If you wish to join our glorious campaign against the barbarian hordes, please download clash of clans from either iStore or google play. You are welcome to join our efforts for world domination by entering the clan of Norppajengi. ( if you are wandering what the name mean, its "o hail men with tits").

I also downloaded the spin-off tower defense game, Clash Royal, and i've been enjoying it while sitting on the bog or waiting for the kettle to boil.

You can also join clans, help each other out and do friendly battles between members. Im not 100% sure if they do clan battles but the friendly battles are nice at least. We just like to mess around and have some fun, trade cards, help each other out and enjoy the game. If you're interested in joining us our clan name on Clash Royale is Alfies Heroes.

Hope to see you on the battlefield!