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Thread: 2016 Changes to iTunes store

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    Default 2016 Changes to iTunes store

    It appears that there have been changes today (Jan 1, 2016) to the iTunes Store. Yesterday, I was able to download several apps. Today, I cannot access the Store either from the phone (4s) or from iTunes,

    I was referred to the Apple Support bulletin at which now shows that nothing can be downloaded by users registered in Jamaica.

    My unlocked phone was brought from the USA, and was an AT&T phone. I was moved to the Jamaica store when I registered a Jamaican bank Visa card for payments. Today, I can't access the store at all. On the phone, clicking on Store simply prompts iTunes U, and then hangs.

    What do people buying the iPhone 6 from Flow do to access apps?

    Appreciate any feedback.

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    I just downloaded an app to my iPad and iPhone... iPhone is factory unlocked unit from Apple...

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