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Thread: Steam-OS - Linux Gaming

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    Default Steam-OS - Linux Gaming

    For those who really just use Windows for gaming - there's this now. Unfortunately I still use Windows for my video editing. So..........ya.

    Overall IMO - Linux is better. It's just that there are some things that's easier to do in Windows. And I already purchased a lot of software on the Windows platform. Anyways. This is the *NIX section. Check this out.
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    From the article:

    Why would you want to switch to Linux? Well Ė for one thing Ė Linux is FREE SOFTWARE. Thereís no need to purchase the OS and since itís community driven itís got drivers for almost everything. Support is in the community. And (mostly) Linux just works.
    Seriously, not even you believe this - right ?
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    I found that playing games on linux was a much better experience than on Windows in terms of performance. Wish I could play all my games on linux.
    I had tried this with America's Army which had both a windows and linux version, on Ubuntu.
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