Job Title: Programmer / Analyst
Company: ADS Global Ltd.
Job location: Montego Bay, Jamaica


Programmer / Analyst is a key role in the IT department at ADS Global Ltd. He/she takes full responsibility for all aspects of software technologies for projects at ADS Global. The position reports to the IT manager. The Programmer / Analyst must have the ability to drill down to the detail level to solve problems and recommend corrective action.

The Programmer / Analyst needs to be a self starter, capable of handling complex tasks with minimal supervision, and needs to be detail oriented to ensure the highest level of quality control over the client deliverables.

Skills and Experience
Required Skills

The Programmer / Analyst must be highly skilled in all core technologies, with formal education and prior work experience in each of the following:

SQL, preferably MS SQL 2005 and MySQL including:
ADO database access
MS Query
General database maintenance
Visual Basic, both stand alone VB 6 and VB ASP server side technologies
Javascript client side browser page programming
Excel including MS Query and Macro based SQL database retrieval
Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer
Software documentation and maintenance
Excellent written and verbal communications skills

Preferred Skills

Microsoft applications including MS Access
Windows mixers and audio processing systems
Linux server operating systems
Linux email and database servers
Linux voice processing systems (gatekeepers, routers, etc.)
Web site development and maintenance.
Networks, routing, telecommunications, Voice over IP, etc.
Dialer systems, Asterisk PBX, My SQL.


The Programmer/Analyst should have some practical software development and maintenance experience but an exceptional candidate might be hired from school if they appear to have the right combination of skills and personality. He/she must demonstrate the ability to learn and / or research new systems and applications quickly and to apply this knowledge effectively in achieving company objectives. The Programmer / Analyst must demonstrate the ability to respond to unusual customer requirements, and a rapidly changing technological environment.

Functional Responsibilities

The Programmer / Analyst will be assigned projects to undertake, with management support and supervision, in the areas of software development, maintenance and client reporting. He/she will be responsible for client deliverables and agent software support systems on time and maintaining acceptable quality standards.


Formal education with a B. Sc. or a B. Engineering in Computer Science, Systems or Software.

If you are interested in this position, send your application and resume to:
Subject: Programmer Analyst

No later than Friday Feb 13, 2015