Today marks the launch of the much-hyped NINJHAX exploit, which allows 3DS owners a backdoor to run unofficial software on their consoles. The hack is the work of 22-year-old student Jordan Rabet, and is so called because it requires a copy of the obscure puzzle platformer Cubic Ninja in order to work — a game which has suddenly shot up in value.

I am personally excited to try(wrote some code) this but the game used to run the exploit's price skyrocket the day before the announcement it was just $2-$15 now its $30-$100.But being in Jamaica and without credit card means i could'nt get it right away if at all.

Told some of my Jamaican friends about but all they care about is getting free game which the exploit cant do (doesnt have kernel access).
Overall its cool for creating apps and games.