Well, that didn't take long: A mere four days after announcing the first major update for Windows Phone 8.1, the aptly named Windows Phone 8.1 Update is now available to users enrolled in Microsoft's developer preview.

The sandboxed Apps Corner is a new feature in the Windows Phone 8.1 Update. Think of it as Kids Corner for business use.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update is comprised mostly of minor features and updates, but ones that are nevertheless welcome. The update adds, among other things, folder support for WP's Live Tile'd Start screen, enhanced and geographically expanded integration for the Cortana virtual assistant (including "do an impersonation" requests), and a better mobile browsing experience with Internet Explorer 11. It also includes new business-friendly features like segregated, sandboxed apps and the ability to configure VPN settings when you're connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot (finally).
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