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Thread: Canonical Announces The Orange Box $12k USD Ubuntu Cluster Suitcase

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    Default Canonical Announces The Orange Box $12k USD Ubuntu Cluster Suitcase

    The Orange Box, which isn't to be confused with Valve's video game compilation, is a 10-node cluster computer designed by Canonical and TranquilPC for showing off Ubuntu Linux.

    The Orange Box is designed to be a "spectacular development platform" for showcasing Ubuntu, MAAS, Juju, Landscape, OpenStack, Hadoop, and other technologies. Canonical's Orange Box can be a compact cloud, powerful computational machine, or a lightweight cluster.
    looks rather interesting

    link to source

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    Sweet, It looks really nice, wonder what the power consumption is on it, let me read to see what it is.

    I plan on building my own cluster soon. I have amassed at least the processors, I've got 20 Quad-core Xeon and Opteron processors so far. Want some 1u rack-mount chassis and and some 1U fans and heat sinks for the processors. Getting the processors is a start I'd say at least they are here!!!

    Good thing is, it is fully scalable....
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