This is a brilliant idea and I am all game with whatever skills I can offer to such a project. There is a reply that says TJ members are a bit too busy seeking jobs. Here this, trying to find a job in Jamaica is flogging a dead horse. Instead of trying to find jobs (not writing it off) try to make employment for ourselves. Something like this idea could be a really good launchpad for the job seeker to showcase skills and expertise, who knows, I like this idea and would like to be a part of something like this and so, while being a part, I may run itno somebody who has a certain skill-set I am looking for in my organisation. Who knows - its called networking. Many jobseekers here naturally are in the IT field, why then would you not want to find excuses to run into other like-minded people?

Think outside the box people, think outside the box. We all see where tradition is taking a backseat to ingenuity and innovation... Don't let the train leave you!