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    Question Need some assistance

    got this question as a course work an i am totally out of it...........any of you smart programmers can assist.........also need help writing the pseudocode. i am a newbie to all of this....plz assist.

    Service providers want to set up appointment schedules for each client for a given day within a bank, so customers mail in their requests with some details. Only certain types of requests are set for appointments.
    On entry to the bank their requests are processed. The name of the client, appointment number, time for the appointment, type of appointment, fees for each client need to be obtained. A client may see a service provider for processing managers’ cheques, loan and safety deposit box facility etc. The service provider will stop processing appointment requests when the appointment number is not a positive value. There will be withdrawals made from savings accounts, at all times the account must carry a minimum balance of $5000.A deposit may need to be made. The different types of transactions available are given below:

    • If the service is for manager’s cheque the service charge will be $500.00. The type of payment to do the transaction will need to be made known. It can only be cash or from savings account. If the savings account is used the client will be given a 10% discount on the service charge. It will be necessary to ensure that the savings account should be able to cover the amount on the managers’ cheque, the service charge and the minimum balance. Where the payment is made in cash, the full charge will have to be made.
    • If the service is that of loan, the provider would need to know if the client is a customer. If the client is not a customer then they will be required to open a new account, if they will not then the loan cannot be processed .If the client is a customer then the customer should have the loan amount in their account to qualify for the loan., otherwise the client will have to make an initial deposit that cannot be below the required amount for the loan in addition to the minimum balance in the savings account. If the client qualifies and is a customer, the client is charged 12.5% interest otherwise they are charged 16.5% interest on the loan amount.
    • If the service is that of safety deposit box, the provider would need to know if this is a new holder or existing holder; if an existing holder then they are expected to pay a $300 transaction fee for entry.If for a new holder, they are expected to pay $1000 transaction fee for entry. The savings account should cover the charge amount and the minimum balance.
    • If the service is that of preparation of a certificate of deposit. There are different rates possible for different balances. The certificate of deposit has a minimum balance of $100,000.00. From the range $100,000 - $499,000 the interest rate would be 5%, for the range $500,000 - $999000, the interest rate would be 8%. For $1 million and over the interest rate would be 12%. If the customer is providing the cash from the savings account, this should be stated, with the change in the savings account being reflected. The message should state where the funds came from.

    A running balance will need to be kept on any customer to reflect changes to the bank account balance after each transaction. Whenever a charge is to be deducted, it needs to be verified if the account has sufficient funds to cover the charges. The customer will be given a receipt showing their name, time of the appointment, message related to the transaction and service charge.

    You are required to submit:
    1. Pseudocode of the program
    2. A softcopy of the C++ program source code
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    This look like a UTech course work
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