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    Default Good day

    Senior programmer but not entirely senile yet.

    I got my masters two decades ago in London. Since then i'v been programming in C, C++, SQL, VBA, C#/VB .NET, Perl, Python and other things in London, New York and Philadelphia. I am moving to Jamaica and I can't wait to go...

    Now where is me Dragon, saltfish and ackee and breadfruit?

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    Good day sir, welcome.

    And I wouldn't have the slightest idea as to where you would have misplace your lunch.
    Did you try searching the area you had it last? If find that is the best way to find misplaced items.
    1.8 Ghz Pentium 4 (OC'd.) / Intel P4 (478) Motherboard / 800MHz DDR / 256 Mb DDR RAM / 40GB Seagate / RIVA TNT2 Pro 32MB / 24X12X24 Sony CDRW+ / 18" View Sonic CRT / Windows ME Yes it will play Doom... i plan on trying Crysis 3 one of these days.

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    We don't have a lost and found section - but we could ask AA or Chris about that. Welcome still - and partly senile is always a good thing.
    Knowing the solution doesn't mean knowing the method. Yet answering correctly and regurgitation are considered "learning" and "knowledge".

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