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Thread: FOSS in the movies!

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    Lightbulb FOSS in the movies!

    Various Linux distros have been spotted in new TV series, "The Blacklist". I was unsure at first what she was using in the second episode. Why? I am guessing because free software does not allow fallouts from copyright and royalty? Good stuff though.

    In the second episode, she put a flash drive in her home computer, which has seems to be an trimmed Gnome interface, or maybe XFCE. The third episode, the Chinese spies have a Gnome 2.x desktop going. Props are simple and to the point. Good stuff.

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    Yeah, I mean anything that wants to even seem remotely hacker-esque will no doubt go the Linux route - Trinity was using BASH commands in one of the 'Matrixes' The first one was all they needed if you ask me.

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