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Thread: Pre-order Xbox One

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    As I said, it's almost the same thing that happened to Nintendo back in the day. You know, people saying it won't work, gamers won't buy this, no one wants it, why would I buy that......Reality? Over 100 million Wii's sold. Another? No problem! PS Vita will do this, it will do that, the Internet was going crazy, now the Vita is just another dead Sony horse.

    Sony is in the red right now, losing money here and there, the company is a bloated mess and can't afford to lose with the PS business is the last hope of a rebirth. Sony don't have a big enough warchest to fight Microsoft, and as we saw in the past, money is vital. Look at the first Kinect? It wasn't that good, gamers didn't want it, but a $500 million marketing push placed 25 million units into the homes of consumers in a short time.

    I think all you folks are in for a rude awakening. How many times have we seen gamers coming together to claim this or that only to silenced months after? Another thing, you are all speaking of price, yet you all forgot that Microsoft plans to have a cheaper Xbox One by way of cable and Internet provider subscription in both the U.S. and Europe. Remember the saying? Don't count your eggs before they're hatched.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alliance4life View Post
    You people are all so up in arms to support the PS4 till you all missed certain things. Jack Tretton from Sony personally said that it would be up to publishers if they want a similar Xbox One DRM strategy for their games. Furthermore, it is up to publishers if they want to crack down on used games and game sharing on the Xbox One. The only problem one should find here, and that's if it is a problem for you, is the per 24hr connection. Many of you don't read to understand what is going, but that is how the typical gamer thinks.
    He clarified and said it will work in the exact same way it works on PS3 right now. As in publishers can do online passes if they wish, but there will not be any draconian and straight up asinine DRM measures imposed on the console itself, like what the Xbone does. You have have log in everyday or you can't play your games? Ridiculous. You can lend a game to a friend, but you can't get it back? Utter f@#$ery. Also, FYI, the Wii U's preorders were sold out everywhere too; same with the Surface tablet lol. Keep sippin' that Kool Aid, brah.

    EDIT: Also, about the Wii, it was successful because it was CHEAP and it had mass market appeal because of its ease of use. The Xbone is $500...That's 5 Apple TVs, Roku boxes or Google TVs. Those devices also aren't the size of a Betamax machine, either. An Xbox controller is too complicated for the masses and the only good Kinect game is Dance Central, but just like Guitar Hero and the like, that bubble is about to burst.
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