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Thread: Open Source for Jamaica

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    You have time... Those of us who use Linux understand why. I leave the others alone. Some people will never understand.

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    Default is the source of the table. There are 2 truths: 1. The linux kernel is full of vulnerabilities 2. Linux is just as -- and has been -- exploitable by various groups.

    All software is vulnerable. The least vulnerable may be if the software were like the hardware itself (a BIOS chip, for example), and could not be written over.

    I have seen many linux malware in action, may application vulnerabilities. Most of it is PEBCAK, layer 8. But, things like OpenSSL and other "open source" solutions contribute to the holes for 2 reasons: all software has bugs and open source does not mean it is free software. The firmware that runs most of our routers and modems here are open source, yet we are unable to modify them.

    The problem is not how vulnerable? It is, how fast are vulnerabilities removed? I have experienced first hand the speed of recovery from both sides of the software world. Proprietary is definitively wrong in all its forms. It belongs under the bad parts of capitalism.

    WORM systems are now being manifested properly in the wild: systemd on Linux has features that render directories read-only; Grsecurity has been securing the linux kernel in ways that make alphabet agencies irritable; the *BSD and Windows are coming up with W^X memory stack techniques.

    I personally use Linux because of bad experiences with Windows and financial problems. Windows 10 does look good, but I am doing well using free software and will stick with it.

    ========== //(an instance showing the open nature and rapid resolution of free software)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistik1 View Post
    I have now started my CNC machine build and and will be done around March or April 2015, after that I will build a 3D Printer and try to make the hackerspace like environment around those machines.
    I also finally managed to find a company that would send me Ferric Chloride for etching PCBs so we can also teach the your how to make thier own circuits.

    Soon i'll start a thread to track my progress.
    Anything more on this?
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