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Thread: Apple sues Kodak.......who has been bankrupt for a while now

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    Apple seems like it is going to waste all that money they earned suing people ?
    Are they at the end of their innovation blitz ?
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    Apple seem to spend most of their time in court houses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenfordwilliams View Post
    i can immagine the conversation between apple and kodak

    Apple: Hah! I am suing you!


    Apple: Because you violate our patents!

    Kodak: We violate what? Huh? WE DON'T EVEN COMPETE IN THE SAME MARKET!

    Apple: Of course we do!

    Kodak: We make cameras and camera accessories. You make computers, mp3 players, and phones. HOW are we competeing?

    Apple: The iPhone can be used like a camera. Your camera's can also be used like a camera. Therefore you are a threat to us!

    Kodak: *facedesk* You DO realize that we are bankrupt and therefore we don't really have that much for you to take right?

    Apple: Do not try to confuse me with your fancy words! We shall sue you for everything you have!

    Kodak: Do you even know what bankrupt means?

    Apple: No. But it has the word bank in it, which clearly means you have lots of money to take!

    Kodak: *facedesk
    This is just... I am really getting disgusted of Apple and their antics now still. I wonder is next on their suing list

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    Now this is a new approach to comics .......amusing and entertaining
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