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kevkev, my only aim is to be objective and practical. I "TRY" to call a spade a spade.... in some instances we are all overcome by subjectivity, but I try hard to keep that to a minimum.
With all due respect where you really trying to be objective? ... while implying that others are being subjective :" in some instances we are all overcome by subjectivity". Was my previous statement simply based in my mind, my beliefs, my biases or based in objective facts. One has to wonder if Apples competitors and deniers have themselves moved beyond subjectivity and into a realm of delusion, when trying to understand the basis for Apples success. Superior customer satisfaction figures aren't opinion but fact, the highest levels of repeat business is also a fact; Denying that the resulting consumer interest, market share, profitability, and success are based on metrics like fanboyism, prestige or marketing is more akin to delusion than either objectivity or subjectivity.

I have stated numerous times that my daughters use Android phones, which due to reliability issues they now hate. Now I am considering getting Iphones but was amazed that almost every Android Phone can be had for between $0 to $49 on contract. This is amazing when you consider the top seller, the iphone 4s, has a base price of $199. With such a price difference I decided to cheap it out but decided to first read the customer reviews of the varied Android models. For most devices the reviews sang the praises of these devices technically, that is when they worked and weren't malfunctioning, crashing, shutting off radios, locking up or constantly rebooting. There is alot more to getting and keeping consumers than offering the latest, the fastest, the thinnest, or the biggest specs.

Show me another instance where a premium product sells at a massive markup over essentially free competition, but stills outsells it by a margin so massive that one must compare all competing models in the industry to this one product when analyzing sales figures.