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Thread: Nokia 5310 vs C3

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    Smile Nokia 5310 vs C3

    I've noticed the nokia forum is very quiet,m a big nokia fan and jus reacently moved to a 5310, was vying for a N8 but with a downsized tiny budget for this year i decide to settle for a S40 phone my options were Nokia X2, X2-01, C1-01, C2-01, and the C3 i then narrowed down to what i needed to survive a normal day and it came down to the X2 vs the C3 both phones stil unreasonably priced locally 13-17k until i came across the 5310 in a store on a special,

    5310 similarities with C3

    *same mp camera

    *can run the same apps

    *same class EDGE (Class 32)

    *Series 40

    Advantage of 5310 vs C3

    *the display is 16M vs the C3 of only 256K colours

    The advantage of the C3 over the 5610

    *querty keyboard(not mch of an advantage realy)

    *Wifi (wich i dnt need-and the C3 one is known to have issues)
    * More Ram memory
    * More Battery Power

    But getting a 5310 for under 5K? cant complain

    Both phones comparison gsm arena
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    since u got the 5310 new for under 5k id say thats a WIN right there....since u dont need wifi say u made the right choice wen looking at all u considered...i had one a those at a point in time....decent phone nice n slim sweet everyday phone

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